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Mansehra.com has been operating since 1998. It is a user-friendly Urdu website that is playing a positive role by promoting global information and research.

All the material published on Mansehra.com is done with good intentions and is verified.

However, the information or data that is published, including written, photographic, and video content, follows the principles of copyright, and all rights are reserved with Mansehra.com.

Mansehra.com is a private website, and its team includes experienced professionals such as CEO, SEO, computer operators, and other office staff, who are providing their best services to the general public. Mansehra.com is a private asset.

Mansehra.com is publishing material in Pakistan’s national language to make it easier for the less educated population to benefit from the information and contribute positively to the country’s development. It aims to make Mansehra.com the best website in the world of the internet.

The purpose of the material loaded on Mansehra.com is to minimize negative conflict between people of different ages, genders, religions, races, and professions, which is the hallmark of Mansehra.com’s positive principles.

Thanks to this professional approach, readers and viewers from Pakistan and all over the world have expressed complete trust in it in the world of IT.”

The popularity of Manshera.com is increasing rapidly with each passing day, as people who visit this website continue to demonstrate their trust by actively engaging with it. Individuals associated with various schools of thought have expressed their approval of its popularity.

Visitors to Manshera.com express their opinions on the published materials through comments, emails, and phone calls, which allows for further improvement and confidence building. Manshera.com is committed to publishing all information within the limits of ethical boundaries.

Manshera.com is committed to publishing materials in accordance with national and international communication principles, which is a positive step in the world of the internet.

Manshera.com welcomes other corporations and companies in the IT industry to share their mutual laws and regulations, and staying committed to professional ethics is its true identity.